The STRAT Scenarios

Learn the 3 scenarios that price action must adhere to when trading any asset class.

Time Frame Continuity

Learn multiple time frame analysis to help you
stay on the correct side of the market trend.


Learn how to use options to minimize risk and maximize reward.

Sara Strat Sniper

Hi traders! My name is Sara and my trading journey began with crypto. I got to witness and profit from the great 2017 crypto bubble. That market cycle was the event that would soon change the course of my life. I became obsessed with trading. I had finally found my passion at 32 years old. 

I spent 2 years learning technical analysis. In late 2018, I decided to take a risk. I quit my job and started trading full time. It was most definitely too soon. I found myself struggling and unable to profit consistently.

Thankfully, I found the Strat just 6 months later and my trading performance began trending up. The Strat provided me with confidence. I now knew exactly where to enter a trade, place my stop, take profit, and the WHY behind it all.

I’ve joined forces with Alex, a fellow Strat Trader who I respect as a person and as a trader. Our goals, values and passions are well aligned and we are here to help you on your trading journey to hopefully achieve financial independence.

Alex’s Options

Hey! My name’s Alex & I’ve been trading TheStrat for just over 2 years. I started my trading journey in Crypto around 2015 right when it took off and transitioned to stocks and options in the years following.

Ever since finding TheStrat and studying it’s concepts, I was able to turn myself into a consistently profitable trader. This is why I’ve come together with Sara, a prominent and successful Strat trader as well as Tom, a trader with the programming knowledge to automate the boring stuff.

With that being said, our goal at STAT Trading is to help you on your journey to becoming a successful trader through the use of our custom tools & knowledgeable trading community.

What are you waiting for? Check out my free content below that will teach you everything you need to know to start stratting some stocks!

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