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Gain access to a suite of comprehensive TradingView indicators

Automated Alerts

Real-time alerts for market price action are sent straight to our Discord


Backtesting tools ensure users have the ability to develop their own systems


Join a group of like-minded traders all looking to master their craft


We’re constantly working to create tools that can improve your trading experience

Save Time with Automation

By distilling our favorite concepts down to repeatable patterns, we can automatically detect when they occur in real-time, without involving the emotions that typically distort our better judgement

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Tools for All Market Environments

Smart Money Essentials (SME) focuses on concepts like Fair Value Gaps, Order Blocks, Liquidity and more to build a well-rounded overview of current price action

SME Backtesting allows us to objectively backtest these concepts from our most comprehensive indicator

Smart Money Add-Ons provides additional factors of confluence like SMT Divergence, Opening Gaps, and Higher Timeframe Points of Interest

TTrades Scalping Indicator utilizes Inducement and Optimal Trade Entry techniques to prioritize potential reversal setups

And lastly, our Premium Dashboard scans your favorite symbols on multiple timeframes to simplify your analysis and reduce your screen-time

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Who This is For

This is for those who enjoy automated tools and are motivated to find how they can aid one’s own unique trading system

Naturally, these are the people who excel in trading because they will gather data to properly evaluate an edge and understand its ideal conditions, rather than blindly follow signals with no other guidance

This is NOT for those looking for a shortcut to learning the concepts behind these tools and the context required to effectively use them

There are no shortcuts in trading. These indicators do not hold any market secrets. Feel free to try them out, but do not expect them to replace the work required to become a self sufficient trader


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Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up for a plan, we ask that you provide your TradingView username. Within a few hours, you will have full access to our all invite-only indicators. See your confirmation email for more details.

Absolutely not – becoming a consistent trader requires a ton of work on the individual’s part. No service or indicator is a substitute for discipline, risk management, and sound trading psychology. If you are looking for a shortcut to successful trading, rest assured this is not it.

No, we do not offer refunds for our services. Paying subscribers are advised to cancel before their renewal date if they wish to avoid being billed further.

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